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JaniTek Newsletter – April 2016

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>> Stockton Heat Honor JaniTek Cleaning Solutions
>> 3 Signs it’s Time to Deep Clean Your Office
>> Asset Preservation – Helping your flooring last

Stockton Heat Honor JaniTek Cleaning Solutions

JaniTek Cleaning Solutions is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the 2016 Stockton Heat Covanta Easy Being Green Award. The annual Stockton Heat award is selected in conjunction with the Valley Green Team. This program honors the best green practices and efforts in the Valley, recognizing companies and communities who are making strides in environmental sustainability.

“I would also like to thank our team of hard working Janitors, Supervisors, Project Crews, Account Managers, and Administrative staff,” said Blain Bibb, President and CEO of JaniTek, “at JaniTek we utilize cleaning products and services that are not only green but highly effective and affordable. We are constantly looking at ways to lower our carbon footprint and clean for the health of our client’s staff and our janitors. JaniTek Cleaning Solutions is committed to a core value of environmental stewardship and lowering the cost of doing business!”


3 Signs That It’s Time to Deep Clean Your Carpets


As the weather warms up, it’s time to think about spring cleaning for your office building. This is particularly true with carpets, which suffer from winter wear and tear.

Need a sign that it’s time to deep clean your carpets? Here are three:

  • Mud Stains – While El Nino gave us needed rain, the little guy also brought along mud and dirty shoes, leaving marks on carpets and in your lobby area, where you’re making an impression on people who visit your building. These mud spots can be removed completely with a quality carpet extraction.
  • Stains – General spills and stains are an eyesore. An encapsulation clean will remove stains and leave your carpet – and your business – looking fresh and clean.
  • Wear Patterns – Carpet in high traffic areas takes a beating, and wear patterns start to show as the pile gets crushed. An encapsulation cleaning lifts the crushed pile, extending the life of the carpet and taking care of stains in the process.

Bottom line, a restorative two-step carpet cleaning (both extraction and encapsulation) can make a dull and dirty carpet look new again. If you need assistance cleaning your windows, floors, or “unloved” areas, give our team a call today at 1-888-529-3792 or visit our website and sign up for a free consultation at


Asset Preservation: Maintaining Flooring for Longevity

Your business’s appearance is important. A dingy atmosphere resonates with customers. Studies have demonstrated that 94% of customers will avoid business with dirty bathrooms and store appearance is the second most important driver when it comes to customer satisfaction. Maintaining the cleanliness and good condition of flooring is, therefore, more important than many businesses may have thought. Additionally, caring for carpeting and other types of flooring also enhances its longevity. Floor replacement is a major expense, so it makes excellent business sense to preserve your floors condition and appearance with optimum care.

The Value of Carpet Care

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) have determined that businesses that increase their carpet care costs by 10% can extend the carpet’s life beyond the manufacturer’s stipulated life expectancy. High-quality carpet care allows businesses to get every ounce of life possible out of their carpeting–even in high traffic areas that require particular attention. New carpeting is a considerable expense, but that doesn’t even include the cost of carpeting removal and new carpet installation costs.

Statistics show that business carpets that are cared for regularly enjoy two to three times the longevity that carpets that have an intermittent care routine. It goes without saying that if you want your carpet to look good and last as long as possible, you need to address is maintenance needs to ensure they are being met on a regular basis.

How Often Do You Want to Purchase New Business Carpeting?

Statistics show that a brand new business carpet can go from brand new condition to poor condition in 1-3 years if not cleaned and maintained. Alternative, a new carpet that is maintained regularly can expect to still be in “good condition” within ten years’ time. Can your business afford to replace the carpet every three years? Not only is carpet replacement a substantial expense, it’s a highly inconvenient measure that disrupts business. If you support your carpeting with proper care measures, you actually earn greater value from your investment and, of course, maintain the cleanliness and appearance of your business.

Customized Comprehensive Carpet Care

If you want to extend the life of your carpeting, CRI suggests that you perform certain measures. First, be sure to place mats at the entrance of your building or business. This helps to contain soil to one area. Moreover, these mats are durably designed to collect this soil and help keep carpets protected. Second, regular vacuuming is needed to remove soil from carpeting. Third, employ professional spot and stain removal techniques and products soon after spills occur. Fourth, perform interim cleaning of all high-traffic areas on your carpeting. Fifth, perform scheduled deep and restorative cleaning of the entire carpet. Following these tips can allow you to extend the life of your business carpeting.

Other Flooring Types

Not all businesses employ carpeting, of course. Materials like ceramic, porcelain, terrazzo, and vinyl will each have their own specific care requirements. Yet, as with carpeting, proper cleaning and care ensures that these floors will fulfill their life expectancy and possibly surpass it. Studies have found that investing in an asset like ceramic flooring has the greatest return. Not only does this material tend to hold up the longest, it is also associated with the least expensive care regimens.

If you plan to invest in new hard-surface flooring, be sure to take cleaning and maintenance costs into consideration. It may influence your final selection. In fact, you can use ISSA software to determine the cleaning and maintenance costs associated with various flooring materials for your business when you are choosing new flooring. The software takes manufacturer’s recommended maintenance requirements into consideration when generating its reports.

The fact is, maintenance and care will extend the life of your flooring, allowing you to enjoy greater value on your investment. The appearance of your business–even its flooring–tells customers and clients a lot about your business. Impeccably kept flooring tells people that your business is successful and professional. Unkempt floors suggest that care is lax, appearance is unimportant, and cleanliness is a negligible detail. What do you floors say about you? By caring for your floor’s needs, you can make sure it says something positive about your business.

To learn more about the flooring services we offer, please visit this link or contact your account manager today.



Stockton Heat Recognize JaniTek with Green Award
Paper vs. Air Dryer: Battle of the Cleanliness

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