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JaniTek Newsletter – May 2016

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>> Memorial Day Message and Notice of Holiday Hours
>> The Germiest Location of them All
>> Paper vs. Air Dryer: Battle of the Cleanliness

Memorial Day Message from our President & CEO

On this Memorial Day, let us remember those who gave their lives to assure the survival and the success of liberty.

Moina Michael in her poem, We Shall Keep the Faith beautifully captures our thoughts on this Memorial Day

We cherish, too, the poppy red
That grows on fields where valor led;
It seems to signal to the skies
That blood of heroes never dies,

Please note our corporate office will be closed Monday, May 30th in observance of Memorial Day. Our corporate office will resume regular business hours on Tuesday, May 31st.

As always, you can reach your account representative 24/7/365 should you need any assistance during the holiday.

On behalf of everyone at JaniTek Cleaning Solutions, we wish you a safe, healthy, and happy Memorial Day.


Blain Bibb
JaniTek Cleaning Solutions


The Germiest Location of them All

Lets face it, no matter how hard we try it is impossible to avoid every single germ. Whether you sanitize and wash your hands every 10 minutes or clean the surfaces of your desk every day, you will always be subjected to some sort of germ. Although we can’t avoid these pesky microorganisms, it is always helpful to learn a couple interesting facts. We all know germs are invisible, however do we actually know the most germ-filled locations and practices? Learn more to find out!

Be honest, when you think of the grossest and most germ-filled place in your work setting your mind goes straight to the bathroom, correct? Well, think again. According to a study conducted by Dr. Charles Gerba PhD, professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona, office break rooms and kitchens actually contain the most germs. Due to the fact that our minds automatically go to bathrooms as being the dirtiest, they end up getting cleaned the most regularly. Dr. Gerba found the innocent office kitchen to be crawling with germs. Surprisingly enough, 75% of break room sink faucet handles, 48% of microwave door handles, 27% of keyboards, 26% of refrigerator door handles, 23% of water fountain buttons, and 21% of vending machine buttons. So next time you eat your tasty meal at break, remember to wash your hands!


Paper vs. Air Dryer: Battle of the Cleanliness


Ever since you can remember it has been engraved into your head to wash your hands before every meal and after using the restroom. However, what comes next is just important! According to recent studies, using paper towels rather than air dryers to dry your hands may be the cleaner route to go. Learn more to find out!

Although office kitchens may be filled with more bacteria than restrooms, that does not take away from the griminess of the pit- stop! We all know it’s crucial to wash our hands, however what steps do you take following to ensure clean hands? According to a study by Bradford Infection Group, using paper towels to dry hands appears to be more hygienic than using a hand dryer. Drying hands with a paper towel reduces the bacteria count on hands by 77 percent, while air dryers increased the count to an astonishing 254 percent, according to a study conducted at University of Westminster, London. Part of the problem with air dryers is that they blow the microorganisms across the room. For instance, the jet air dryer blew germs up to six and a half feet away, while traditional air dryers blew germs less than a foot away. So, next time you wash your hands keep in mind that paper towels- sparingly- may be the way to go!



Paper vs. Air Dryer: Battle of the Cleanliness
Make it a Clean Summer Break

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