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Commercial cleaning professional following the covid 19 checklist while sanitizing a doorknob

A COVID-19 Checklist for a Clean, Safe Office

From a medical office with dozens of patients visiting each day to an industrial warehouse with few visitors, a commercial space needs to be on constant alert for COVID-19 germs.…
Female dentist wearing a protective suit and cleaning dental clinic to demonstrating medical office cleaning

Your Guide to Medical Office Cleaning

As the manager of a medical office or healthcare facility, you have a lot of tasks on your to-do list. From scheduling and billing to staffing and cleaning, you need…
Working in hazmat suit wiping a surface with a towel to demonstrate ATP testing

What Are ATP Testing Standards?

Most of us believe that cleaning our premises entails washing, sanitizing, and disinfecting. While these are the right cleaning steps, surprisingly, they do not guarantee that your facility is actually…
Modern Sustainable Office Interior With Brick Wall, Waiting Area And Indoor Plants.

What Does a Sustainable Office Look Like?

Sustainability, or the “going green” initiative, has developed significantly from being just a buzzword in roughly the last three decades. In essence, it has become the standard in nearly all…

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