Empty yellow mop bucket demonstrating Labor Shortages Are Affecting The Janitorial Industry

How Labor Shortages Are Affecting The Janitorial Industry

In today’s difficult business climate and economy, labor shortages are common, and many janitorial services companies are having trouble hiring and retaining reliable employees. In non-pandemic times the janitorial industry…
green janitorial cleaning services from JaniTek service Central California Coast

What Are Green Janitorial Services?

There has been a lot of buzz around “going green” by businesses and “green janitorial cleaning services”, but what does this mean? Is it using non-toxic chemicals or biodegradable products?…

ATP Testing: Genuine Proof of Clean

How do we tell or smell if something is clean or if it isn’t? Since time immemorial, the answer to that question has been chiefly subjective, based on visual evidence…

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