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The Importance of Vetting Third-Party Commercial Cleaners

Keeping a building clean is of immeasurable importance for both health and safety reasons. However, organizations should be concerned regardless without knowing their third-party cleaners undergo a proper background check process. For many reasons, it can put safety at risk. Read on to find out about industry-standard background checks for commercial cleaners and why they’re significant.

The Importance of Background Checks for Commercial Cleaners

Character Check

Without a background check, it is nearly impossible to gauge whether someone is lying on their resume. Employers need to make sure their employees have integrity. Fact-checking a resume holds prospective employees accountable to the claims that they’ve made on-paper and in-person. Ultimately, this allows employers to limit the eligibility pool to people that make honesty a priority.

Workplace Safety

If employees do not undergo a screening process, the safety of all may be at risk. According to BSCAI, 12.8% of applicants have a criminal record. This means that out of 25 employees, about 3 will have criminal records. While employers cannot discriminate against criminal backgrounds for their own sake per EEOC regulations, they can allow employers to make an informed decision on whether safety may be at risk. It’s much better to have this process upfront rather than finding out all too late that an employee is unsafe.

Data Safety

Some employees are given access to sensitive data. Without a proper background check, these employees may use data for malicious purposes. Recently a case involved an employee of Mayo Clinic who launched a data breach affecting over 1600 patients. Data safety is a rising issue, which makes it more important than ever to vet potential employees.

Why Do Third-Party Commercial Cleaners Need a Background Check?

While it’s important for employees in general to get background checks, this is especially important for third-party commercial cleaners. More than any other, they have access to sensitive data. This can include data from medical facilities, government offices, and more. The damage of data breaches or leaks from these places could harm thousands of people. As such, having an in-depth vetting process is highly important for cleaners.

Choosing a Company

Industry Standards

At a minimum, when choosing a cleaning company, make sure they are using industry-standard background checks. These involve using services with the latest in technology, ensuring maximum accuracy. These services can cross-reference multiple databases at once to ensure employee integrity. One example of this is a BSCAI background check.

Additional Vetting Processes for Commercial Cleaners

When it comes to background checks, the more checks, the better. Ensure the cleaning company you use is checking multiple points, including but not limited to criminal records, social security verifications, and more. If a company is going above and beyond in their vetting process, you can rest assured that the cleaners entering your building are safe.

What is a BSCAI Background Check?

BSCAI stands for Building Services Contractors Association International. For over five decades, they’ve been the industry-leading standard in providing business resources for contractors. They are also founding members of the PBSA, or Professional Background Screening Association, and are compliant with federal regulations, meaning they’re a trustworthy source.

In the case of background checks, they provide a platform for the cleaning industry to perform in-depth background checks on prospective employees. This platform gives employers access to county criminal search, federal criminal search, employment verification, credit report results, driving records, and more. Essentially, every aspect of an employee that’s listed on their resume is fact-checked for accuracy, and anything they haven’t shared, such as a criminal record, comes to light. They use the latest technology to ensure efficiency, which means bad hires get eliminated almost immediately.

JaniTek’s Commitment to Safety

At JaniTek, we prioritize safety as one of our core values. Not only do we use BSCAI background checks, but we also put prospective employees through a 1000-point screening process. Contact us today to find out more about our commitment to safety.



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