Summer Cleaning

While spring cleaning gets the most attention, it’s important not to let other seasonal cleaning fall through the cracks. As the temperatures rise to nearly blistering, it’s essential to take the necessary measures to ensure that your workplace stays clean. Here are a few tips that you can follow to keep things clean this summer:


Have a cleaning schedule? Don’t let your office fridge become something out of a Stephen King novel. With the temperature getting hotter, the smells of leftover takeout and half-eaten sandwiches have the potential to take over your office. Make a point to clean out the fridge weekly, preferably on a Friday, so that no one returns to fermenting food after a hot weekend.


The aforementioned fridge scenario? It has the potential to be 10x worse for that room-temperature trash. It’s easy to throw banana peels and coffee cups into the garbage without thinking too much of it, but the heat will quickly remind you why you shouldn’t. Urge employees to dump their trashes on a regular basis, especially before skipping town to hit the beach for a few days.

AC Vents

Air conditioning, what a beautiful thing. While we’re all thrilled to have the AC kickin’ at work this season, don’t forget to have your HVAC ducts and filters cleaned and appropriately replaced. Dirty vents are a sure-fire way to spread dirt, dust, and allergens through the office– making the office dirty and allergy sufferers miserable.


The sun is out and, unfortunately, so are the bugs. Your home isn’t the only place you need to protect from these crawly little critters. Take the necessary precautions in terms of pest control, and as we discussed, keep the kitchen and trashes as clean as possible so the little guys aren’t lured in. The best sort of pest problem is the one that’s stopped before it can start.


It’s recommended to clean your carpets every three months, which works out to about every season. Chances are your office carpets are due for a pick-me-up. Get rid of the pollen and dirt that was tracked in during the muddy months by scheduling a cleaning. Contact your JaniTek representative today!

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