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Make Your Lobby Stand Out
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Take Care of Your Office Floors with a Hard Floor Care Program

May 2017 Clean Communication

How Office Cleanliness Impacts Your Business

A clean lobby will set the first impression for your guests and customers. A clean and organized lobby will send a message to your customers and guests that you have your business under control and can manage the details. Think about it. When you’re at home, and your house is clean – you feel better. You breathe better. Same applies to office environments. A clean office environment and lobby promotes health, productivity.

Focus on High Traffic Areas
You lobby is a high traffic area and needs a greater amount of attention and cleaning then other spots in your building. High traffic areas, like you lobby, get more dirt and grime than other areas since they are a place people enter and leave your building. Its the first and last thing people see leaving a good impression with them is key.

Entrance Mats Really Are a Game Changer
Mats protect your carpets and floors from dirt and grime and are the first line of defense in keeping your lobby clean. The mats can trap dirt, grime, and moisture to stop them from being tracked onto your carpets. It’s easier and less expensive to clean or replace mats that it is to replace your carpet. It’s also a good way to use your business logo, so it’s one of the first things visitors see.

Make Sure Your Lobby Smells Fresh
Do your carpets bring a foul smell to your lobby. Those bad smells are an instant turn-off. All the things that you are doing in the other rooms of your building can be brought into your lobby. You’ve been to stale, musty lobbies it’s never good or welcoming. Plants are a great way to help and they bring some color to your lobby.

You Simply MUST Dust
Nothing makes your company look like it doesn’t pay attention to details like a dusty lobby or office. Dust can take a while to be visible on walls and carpets but can quickly show up on tables, fixtures, furniture.

Can You See Through the Windows?
Your windows really brighten up a lobby but if they aren’t cleaned regularly they easily show dust, smudges, and marks to all your waiting guests and clients. Clean all your windows but focus on high traffic areas where guests and clients will be spending a lot of their time.

JaniTek a “Plus One” Company

People are the foundation of the commercial cleaning industry nothing gets done without a dedicated, trained professional cleaning staff. At JaniTek Cleaning Solutions, we recognize that the folks that clean the buildings are the engine of our business. Without them, our business can’t run. It obviously takes people to grow and operate a highly successful janitorial company. So, we spend a lot of our time developing the relationships within our organization and with our business partners.

At the end of the day, people just want to feel respected and appreciated. They want to feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Together we can accomplish so much more than we can individually. By working as a team on a common goal, while also supporting our individual goals, we can do great things! That’s why Janitek Cleaning Solutions is a “Plus One Employer”.

It can be hard to create and fund employee appreciation programs that will be meaningful. We strive to do more for our team members and don’t just offer industry standard incentives, which is why we are a “Plus One” company! We provide pay, benefits, and recognition programs that are unheard of in our industry and resonate with our team members. The spirit of Plus One results in the happiest, most appreciated, best paid, and best recognized employees in the janitorial industry!

Some of the Plus One incentives that are available to our team members for qualifying Part-Time Employees include:

Incentive pay opportunities
1, 2, and 3 year anniversary merit pay increase opportunity*
Birthday bonus
Anniversary Recognition
Team Work Recognition
Promotion Opportunities
Payday Treats and Fun
Sick Day Allowances
Accident insurance contribution*

* Notes: Pay increases are for merit and will include performance feedback from your supervisor and account profitability. Employees are not guaranteed the increase. Customer feedback, attendance, and other performance factors will be considered in the decision.

Take Care of Your Office Floors with a Hard Floor Care Program

Beautiful floors can be one of the most impressive features of your facility. Shiny, new-looking floors make a great impression on your customers, visitors and employees. Well-maintained floors enhance your professional image and provide a clean, safe working environment. The right program will protect your floors so they look shiny and new for years.

High traffic areas are prone to dirt and grit, which can cause scratches and nicks, permanently damaging your floors. A sealer and glossy finish will extend the wear of the floor, reduce scuff marks and guard against soil penetration and abrasion. floor care techniques and commercial grade floor waxes will exceed your high standards of cleanliness and floor appearance. A good floor program should have certain essential ingredients as part of its recipe for success. The three things you should look for in your floor care program are:

Floor Care Schedule – Regular maintenance of your hard floor is far less expensive and much easier than replacing your hard floor. A properly maintained finish protects the floor so it doesn’t get scratched or damaged. Regular floor maintenance will keep them looking shiny and beautiful.

Thick Finish – A good finish applied properly is crucial to keeping floors protected. Applying a coat or two that look nice for a few weeks but soon wear off. To protect hard floors and keep them looking nice, a thick and thorough coat is necessary to buff and create a glossy finish.

Good Product – There is a big difference in the quality of product available for hard floor care.
High quality products and a good hard floor care program will keep your floors looking good.

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