Impact of commercial cleaning services on the bottom line

How Commercial Cleaning Services Impact Your Bottom Line

The first impression when entering an office space means everything, especially for an existing or potential client. When someone walks into an office space, they will be impressed positively or negatively by its cleanliness, and if it’s not particularly clean, it’s an immediate negative mark against that company. That prospect and customer first impression directly impacts your bottom line. So, therefore, does your choice of commercial cleaning services.

COVID-19 Has Changed Perception

The advent of COVID-19 has taken that impression up a whole other level. When an office appears the least bit unclean, a visitor is immediately wondering if it has been cleaned to the level of protection against the COVID-19 virus. In fact, there are people who will turn around and leave if they feel the office is the slightest bit unclean, just because they’re fearful for their own health. Needless to say, they’ll also think twice about conducting business with that organization.

Companies do everything they can to put visitors at ease. In addition to cleanliness, they often go out of their way to prominently post notices that their office spaces have undergone extra-intensive cleaning to ensure that they meet COVID-19 cleanliness standards. Such notices should, of course, be backed up in fact.

Employee Productivity

In an office space that has been cleaned to a COVID-19 specification, the employees feel safer being there and working there. Most are already a bit anxious about coming out of their homes and coming to a workspace, and are reassured when the space is obviously clean. When their attention isn’t so much on worrying about their own health, employees tend to be more productive as their attention is now on their work.

Preventing Spread of Disease

The importance of taking those extra cleaning measures goes well beyond visitor or employee impressions, or even their worries. The most critical aspect of keeping office spaces completely clean is to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other diseases. People are already taking measures such as wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. The last thing they need is to take the chance of contracting a disease from unclean surfaces or spaces.

If anyone even suspects that they have contracted COVID-19 from your office because of poor cleaning and disinfecting, you can pretty much guarantee you’ve lost that customer.

Commercial Cleaning Services

While the choice of a commercial cleaning solution for your office space is always a crucial one, it is even more so in this time of COVID-19. For that reason, JaniTek Cleaning Solutions implements comprehensive COVID-19 cleaning that adheres to all CDC guidelines.

Our staff is fully trained in all cleaning procedures, including those dealing with COVID-19.

2-Part Procedure

JaniTek follows a 2-part procedure to make sure your office space is as safe as possible. First, a thorough cleaning of all surfaces is conducted with an EPA-registered disinfectant. Emphasis is placed on high-traffic and touch areas, and common areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and break rooms. Surfaces include door handles, light switches, phones, POS keypads, counters, sinks, tables and chairs, and all other areas that come into human contact.

The second part involves the electrostatic spraying of the EPA-registered disinfectant. The machine used for this procedure positively charged disinfectant molecules, causing them to be attracted to all surfaces as well as to virus and bacterial molecules. This process makes its way into all areas, including those that are hard to reach, ensuring total disinfecting.

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