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Your Guide to Warehouse and Distribution Facility Cleaning

It’s a juggling act. When you’re the manager of a warehouse and distribution facility, you feel like you constantly have balls up in the air. One of the balls you might be worried about dropping is distribution and warehouse facility cleaning, including the floors that always seem a little messy. 

Is there a special concrete floor cleaning machine? How often do you need your warehouse and distribution facility floors cleaned? You have many questions and want to make sure that your warehouse is in tip-top shape. Learn everything you need to know about warehouse and distribution facility cleaning, including the floors:

How Do You Clean a Warehouse’s Concrete Floors? 

If you run a busy warehouse and distribution facility, you might notice that the floors are constantly littered with debris from nuts and bolts to pieces of pallets and plastic packaging. You might have a person assigned to sweep up and tidy the area, but it never seems to help. 

You need your warehouse and distribution facility floors cleaned by a professional company that brings the right concrete floor cleaning machine. The specialized floor cleaning equipment sucks up all the debris as it moves over the floor, leaving it ready for disinfecting. 

Depending on the industry, there might be a need to clean the floor with chemicals similar to mopping. You can work with the cleaning company to decide how often the floors in your warehouse and distribution facility are treated with chemicals. 

What Are the Benefits of Professional Warehouse and Distribution Facility Cleaning? 

You might think it’s okay to enlist the workers to tidy up the warehouse and distribution facility and leave it there. However, you need to make sure that you’re keeping your warehouse and distribution facility in peak condition. You’ll discover that there are some real benefits from having professionals clean your warehouse and distribution facility. These benefits include:

Improved Safety for Your Employees

When your warehouse and distribution facility floor is littered with debris and other clutter, you run the risk of an employee falling and getting hurt. It’s also possible that debris on the floor can create problems for your forklifts and pallet movers. Safety is paramount for all warehouses or distribution facilities and professional cleaning can help. 

Increased Productivity

Everyone knows that person with a messy desk, and they claim that they work better in the chaos. This is not the norm. When your warehouse and distribution facility is cleaned professionally, it’s easier for your team to maintain the organization of products or supplies, which helps employees increase and maintain productivity. You’ll find that professional warehouse and distribution facility cleaning helps your operation run more smoothly. 

Make a Great First Impression

There are times when clients come to visit, and you want to make a great first impression. It’s impossible to do if your warehouse and distribution facility is in disarray and looks grungy. You might also find that when you’re hiring new employees, potential new hires are less likely to take the position after seeing a dirty warehouse and distribution facility with debris everywhere. 

Improved Morale

When your employees work in a clean and safe environment, it improves their overall morale. This professional cleaning highlights the fact that the managers care about the employees and the warehouse and distribution facility space. Improved morale can lead to hardworking employees, lower turnover rates, and fewer missed workdays by employees. 

Save Money

You might think that when you hire a company to conduct professional cleanings of your warehouse and distribution facility that it’s only costing you money, but these cleanings can save you money in the long run. Someone has to clean your warehouse and distribution facility. 

When you opt to have employees clean your warehouse and distribution facility, you’re paying them and losing their productivity from their regular duties during the time that they clean, which can cost your business a lot. Also, an injury due to a messy warehouse and distribution facility can cost a lot of money in lost productivity and medical bills. 

What Is the Difference Between Commercial Cleaning and Industrial Cleaning? 

There are both similarities and differences between commercial cleaning and industrial cleaning. While most commercial cleaning is done in office buildings with breakrooms, bathrooms, and offices, industrial cleaning also includes these types of areas that need cleaning as well as a warehouse and distribution facility or manufacturing area, depending on the industry. 

One of the biggest differences between commercial and industrial cleaning is the sheer size. Most commercial buildings that need to be cleaned are tiny in comparison to the space that needs to be cleaned in an industrial space. 

The other difference between industrial and commercial cleaning is that some industrial cleaning is regulated and must meet certain standards, depending on the type of industry. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) creates these standards and ensures that they’re met.

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