Doing Our Part to Protect the Planet and Create a Healthier Future

Maintaining and adhering to a green cleaning standard requires more than simply stating that a business operates as eco-friendly cleaners. It requires a comprehensive approach involving using certified environmentally friendly products, minimizing waste, and implementing sustainable cleaning practices throughout the process.

Unfortunately, many businesses seem content to slap the word “green” on their products and services while doing the minimum possible to lessen their environmental impact.

We believe green cleaning is more than a marketing ploy and can make a real difference in our clients’ lives and the environment.
That’s why at JaniTek, we’re proud to be Green Seal Certified.

Leading the Way in Eco-Friendly Cleaning: Our Commitment to Sustainability and Health

At JaniTek, we’re proud to be at the forefront of environmental stewardship and honored to be recognized for our commitment to green cleaning practices over the years, including as a Stockton Heat Covanta Easy Being Green Award winner.

Our Green Seal Certification underscores our commitment to sustainable, health-conscious cleaning practices. By adopting green cleaning and achieving GS-42 certification, we use eco-friendly products and follow exhaustive procedures to minimize environmental impact while enhancing indoor air quality.

Choosing our green janitorial services means investing in your health and the environment while benefiting from increased productivity and reduced waste.

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What is Green Seal?

Green Seal is a global non-profit organization that helped to pioneer the ecolabeling movement. For over 30 years, Green Seal has set incredibly high standards for health, sustainability, and best practices businesses must meet if they hope to achieve Green Seal certification. Earning this prestigious designation necessitates a total commitment to protecting the health of our employees and the homes and office environments of our clients.

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What Does it Take to Become Green Seal Certified?

The Green Seal Standard for Commercial and Institutional Clean Services (GS-42) sets rigorous standards for green janitorial services to meet. GS cleaning services must take a holistic approach that incorporates eco-friendly practices in everything from employee training to how we communicate with clients.

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Extensive staff training:

All new hires must undergo a minimum of 12 hours of training, and all employees must receive 24 additional training hours each year.

Improved equipment and safer products:

Cleaning products must be labeled eco-safe, and the waste generated from packaging and disposable items like paper towels must be minimized. Any equipment, such as vacuums, must be energy efficient and low-noise.

Clear communications:

Employees must know the best practices and procedures for cleaning and have the ability to offer feedback on how to improve their jobs. Communication with clients needs to remain open and receptive to any concerns.

Effective cleaning:

The implementation of individual cleaning strategies for each client acts as a plan of attack that ensures all surfaces are disinfected, the floors are properly vacuumed and mopped, and that waste management and recycling occur when possible.


Green Seal independently verifies that these standards are consistently maintained through customer audits and inspections.

What is the Value of Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning seeks to improve how we clean and to create healthier homes and workplaces for our clients.

Harsh chemical cleaners may eliminate bacteria and germs, but they can also pose a health risk to the people who touch those surfaces and breathe the air. Disposable cleaning products and excess packaging create waste that only serves the purpose of taking up space at a landfill. Green janitorial services seek to leave homes and workplaces as cleaner, healthier spaces while minimizing waste.

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What Our Commercial Cleaning Clients Are Saying

“JaniTek is clearly an excellent Janitorial resource for our company. They have expert cleaning processes and incredible proactive customer service. I would be happy to recommend them for any special projects or commercial janitorial.”


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“We appreciate JaniTek’s dedication to excellent service provided to our numerous branches since 2008. Your crew exceeds my expectations and I congratulate JaniTek for their commitment to screening of employees and our bank security. Their attention to detail is excellent, as is their personnel and response to our needs.”


Satisfied Customer

“JaniTek has been a great partner for Dorfman and have always taken care of our needs. The staff at JaniTek are always very friendly and we are excited to work with a Green Team Certified company.”


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As a Green Seal-42 certified company for over six years, JaniTek has repeatedly demonstrated a commitment to our clients and the environment. From using microfiber technology to minimizing waste, we take every step to reduce our carbon footprint while looking out for our clients’ and janitorial staff’s health.

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