The Happiest Employees in the Industry

JaniTek Cleaning Solutions support and empower employees through our unique and family-focused Plus One Employer program. Our employees experience pay, benefits, and recognition that are unheard of in the janitorial industry. As a result, it’s no surprise that our employee turnover rate is three times lower than the national average. The spirit of Plus One results in the happiest, best paid, most appreciated, and best-recognized employees in California’s Central Valley and Central Coast.

Why Work for JaniTek?

JaniTek offers competitive pay, benefits and incentives to help you and your family live your best life. Whether you’re a single mom in need of a full time position or a grandma looking for additional income to pay for extras, JaniTek provides a stable, family-oriented work environment. We offer everything from flexible schedules and holiday pay to teamwork recognition and pay incentives.

Full-Time Benefits:

  • Paid Vacation

  • Sick Day Allowances

  • Holiday Pay

  • Health & Dental

  • Family & Medical Leave

  • School & Childcare Activities Leave

  • Military Leave

Work/Life Balance:

  • Flexible Work Schedule

  • Work Close to Home

  • Payday Treats and Fun For the Whole Family

  • Anniversary Recognition

  • Badge Recognition Program

  • Education Credit Opportunities

  • Skills Enhancement Program

Skills Enhancement Training

Classroom Training:

Receive in-depth training on:
General Housekeeping
General Disinfecting
Hazardous Materials Standard and Bloodborne Pathogens Standard
Job Safety (PPE)
Medical/Cleanroom Protocols
Cleanroom Protocols
Pandemic Cleaning Protocols

On-the-Job Training:

Your supervisor will introduce you to your facility, where your on-the-job training will begin.

Some team members thrive in industrial and manufacturing facilities, while others thrive in medical or general office settings. We try to match your skills with the facility type.

On-Going Coaching:

Every 30 days for the first 3 months of employment, you will return to the classroom to review safety protocols and have the chance to ask cleaning process questions.

We consistently review CDC cleaning protocols and monthly safety meetings.

JaniTek Plus One Team Members

Become a Behind-the-Scenes Hero

Around the world, cleaning staff are working day and night on the frontlines of this pandemic. Now more than ever, our community’s essential workers are going above and beyond to make a real difference. We are sanitizing hospitals, making communal areas safe, and slowing and stopping the spread of COVID-19 while giving our clients peace of mind.

Thank you to our incredible cleaning professionals who are keeping our community safe. We appreciate you!

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