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Our highly trained, supervised staff will follow above-and-beyond cleaning standards, including stringent security standards and COVID-19 protocols, throughout your institution.

Why Choose JaniTek

Consistency, Reliable Service, 24/7/365 Response, and Peace of Mind

Surfaces Kept Spotless to Maintain Your Professional Image

Advanced CDC/EPA Protocols to Minimize Public and Employee Safety Risks

Extensive Cleaning and Security Protocol Training and Staff Supervision

A Clean Facility Reinforces Your Reputation

Bank and financial services managers need a dependable janitorial service that provides proactive account management and consistent, rapid response to unforeseen challenges. JaniTek provides commercial cleaning services and quality assurance inspections for banks and financial institutions throughout California’s Central Valley and Central Coast. We understand that a clean facility sends a message about the health and vitality of your organization.

We help keep your employees safe, leave personal items secure and untouched, and make sure your customers have a great first impression.

We customize our task schedules and services based on the particular needs of each individual branch. We learn your hot buttons, facility use cycles, and preferences. You can reach us by phone, text, email, or web portal any time of the day or night.

Best of all, we continually earn your trust by providing exceptional performance rather than locking you into a long-term contract. Our service model empowers our staff to be more than a cleaning service – we are an extension of your team.

Secure, Reliable, and Responsive Cleaning Services

Each bank and financial institution has its own complex set of needs and requires a custom, well-executed cleaning solution. Maintaining a clean, sanitary environment is a non-negotiable, and your reputation hinges on customer respect and satisfaction. We handle the daily and nightly cleaning of a variety of areas throughout each facility, including lobbies and waiting areas, individual offices and cubicles, carpet, ATMs, entrance doors and windows, and restrooms.

We’re fully insured, licensed, and bonded, and all staff undergo a “1000-point” screening, including a BSCAI background check, drug testing, and social security verification.

We understand the sensitive nature of the information at the buildings we clean and the rigorous nature of California Employment Development Department (EDD) audits. Full compliance is critical. We go above and beyond to ensure that both our company and our employees comply with the law. You can rest easy knowing that we’ve got you covered.

COVID Cleaning & Disinfecting

Our experienced staff handle the daily and nightly cleaning and disinfecting of our clients’ banks and financial institutions in accordance with CDC, EPA, ISO, and OSHA protocols and guidelines, along with site-specific standards and expectations. We clean and sanitize every surface, object, nook, and cranny to properly disinfect your facility, increase safety, and minimize risk.

Our COVID-19 cleaning and disinfecting services for banks and financial institutions include:

  • COVID Facility Decontamination

  • Electrostatic Disinfectant Spraying

  • Detail Surface Cleaning

  • Carpet, Drapes, and Electronics Cleaning

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