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Ah, the age of technology, where we’ve become accustomed to doing no-so-smart things with our smart phones. Perhaps the most questionable thing we do, however, actually affects our physical health. Not to mention it’s pretty gross. Chances are, you’re like the majority of Americans who enjoy having a distraction while using the restroom. What used to be a job for newspapers and magazines has now been handed over to our smartphones, and it is on there that we scroll, read, and laugh whilst going about our business. But here’s the thing: while in the bathroom, your phone is getting literally covered in germs, bacteria, and you guess it–fecal matter.

Not surprisingly, bathrooms are filled with germs and bacteria, due mostly to the fact that each time you flush a toilet, dirty toilet water sprays around six feet in every direction, covering pretty much every surface in your bathroom. This includes the toilet paper holder, sink, and any other handy-dandy surface you might be resting your phone on while not in use. And though you may wash your hands before leaving the restroom, you’re not washing your phone, which renders the hand sanitizing fairly useless.

After leaving the bathroom with the contaminated phone, you’re likely to touch it while or before eating and/or put it up to your face to talk on it. In the process of doing this, all of the germs, bacteria, and pathogens are being transferred directly into your body, greatly increasing your likelihood of becoming ill.

In short, leave your phone when going to the bathroom. And if you absolutely can’t live without it, be sure to consistently clean your phone after with a microfiber cloth and diluted alcohol solution.

And of course, to keep your facility’s bathroom the cleanest it can be, call JaniTek toll free at 1-855-JANI-TEK.

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