Keeping Foul Odors at Bay


Sometimes the most important signs of cleanliness are those that are invisible. Even though sometimes we are not able to see the signs, we can still smell them. After all, you wouldn’t consider something to be truly clean if it had foul odors emanating from it. This becomes especially important when it comes to restrooms, as entire establishments are frequently judged on the cleanliness of their restrooms. In fact, it was found that up to 33% of customers are scared off by unsanitary restrooms in commercial facilities.

To keep foul odors at bay, the best method is to prevent them from happening in the first place and to clean as frequently as possible. A holistic approach must be used in order to control odors. It is recommended to mop restrooms with a disinfectant containing deodorizers and add an enzyme cleaner on top of that. Urinals and commodes should also be cleaned at least once a day as urine is the number one cause of bad odors in restrooms.

Urinal screens are a great weapon against bad odors as they can aid not only in deodorizing, but in preventing about 90% of urine splash back that can contaminate the floors and walls. Urinal mats are also useful in preventing bad restroom odors stemming from urine as they provide a barrier to keep it from hitting the floor and getting absorbed into grout lines. However, workers must remember to mop these mats every time they mop the floors and to throw them away every 30 days or sooner if needed. Other useful tools include drip systems that are available for the inside of urinals and commodes. These systems are constantly cleaning and deodorizing while keeping fixtures and pipes clean.

The second biggest cause of bad odors in restrooms are trash bins. Frequently emptying trash receptacles and feminine hygiene waste receptacles is usually enough to keep odors at bay. However, odors can persist if there are no trash bin liners being used and the bins are not being disinfected regularly.

Finally, the third most common cause of bad odors in restrooms are floor drains. This is often due because they are dry and there is not enough water acting as a barrier from the foul odors coming up from the sewer. So an easy solution is to simply make sure the floor drains get enough water to prevent odors from coming back up. You can accomplish this by dumping down mop water once you are done mopping, especially if you mop with bioactive cleaners. Remembering these tips combined with frequent cleaning should help eliminate the cause of most bad odors in restrooms.

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