Green Cleaning and GS-42 Certification

Green cleaning seems to be the most rapidly growing trend in cleaning that is catching on all over the country. With the multitude of benefits green cleaning brings, it’s no wonder this concept has caught on so quickly. In fact, there is now an official Green Seal certification (GS-42) that can be designated to cleaning services and products. In order to be GS-42 certified, they must first go through a rigorous testing process and must be able to meet the strict criteria set forth by the independent, non-profit organization Green Seal.

However, some people are still confused about what exactly green cleaning is and what it encompasses. For starters, green cleaning is a process that takes a holistic approach toward cleaning. Its aim is to use environmentally-friendly cleaning products and methods that help conserve both human health and the environment. Avoiding toxic chemicals that cause harmful effects in both humans and the environment is a must. However, simply replacing all of the cleaning products you use with non-toxic, environmentally-friendly products does not mean you are actually practicing green cleaning.

The official GS-42 standard for green cleaning looks at several things in addition to the actual products used in cleaning. For one, there must be a building-specific cleaning plan in place with official standard operating procedures for all cleaning processes. There must also be satisfactory communication practices and labeling requirements put in place. Additional procedures to help reduce waste and recycle must also be part of the program. Lastly, comprehensive training must be given to every employee starting with 12 hours of initial training followed by 24 hours of ongoing training in addition to site-specific training.

Although it may seem like a lot of things to do in order to become certified, being GS-42 certified has many benefits. Included amongst these benefits, is satisfying prerequisites to become LEED certified. The GS-42 certification sets the bar very high for green cleaning so having this certification means a lot. Overall, adopting green cleaning practices like those that meet GS-42 standards can result in better indoor air quality, healthier home occupants, and less toxic waste in landfills and in homes.

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