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Your Guide to Medical Office Cleaning

As the manager of a medical office or healthcare facility, you have a lot of tasks on your to-do list. From scheduling and billing to staffing and cleaning, you need to ensure it all gets done so that the patients are taken care of, and your staff remains productive. 

When it comes to medical office cleaning, you can’t hire someone from a classified ad to do the job. You need a professional cleaning company that’s trained to take care of the specific cleaning needs of a medical facility. Here are a few things to consider before hiring a company for medical office cleaning. 

Medical Office Cleaning Training for Staff

Any cleaning company that you hire to clean your medical office or facility should supply their staff with specialized training for medical office cleaning. This work is more than dusting or making beds. While all cleaning companies offer training and tricks to make cleaning easier and faster, you need to work with one that trains for medical office cleaning. 

Some of this specialized training should include:

  • Working with hazardous materials safely
  • The standards for working with bloodborne pathogens
  • Required safety measures to reduce the risk of transmission of viruses and bacteria
  • Special procedures for cleaning exam rooms, utility rooms, and nurses stations
  • Understanding the universal precautions for controlling the spread of infections
  • Right-to-know compliance

Any company that offers medical office cleaning should provide this specialized training to ensure the safety of their workers and to do an outstanding, thorough job of disinfecting your facility. 

Cleaning and Disinfecting for COVID-19

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started in early 2020, cleaning protocols have changed. Anyone cleaning homes or offices changed their method of cleaning to become more mindful of disinfecting and the way that germs can travel from a surface to a person. 

When it comes to medical office cleaning, the threat of COVID-19 is prevalent and needs to be a focus of the cleaning process. The right cleaning company will specifically train staff to deal with cleaning and disinfecting for COVID. These measures need to include:

  • Cleaning all electronics, drapes, and carpets
  • Disinfecting and cleaning all the surfaces throughout the medical office
  • Using an electrostatic disinfecting spray
  • Decontamination throughout the entire facility

Most medical offices see a few patients each day that are infected with COVID-19, so teams that offer medical office cleaning need to be prepared to properly disinfect the space. 

Correct Cleaning Products

Windex can shine up a metal surface and make it gleam, while plain water can remove most dirt from a floor or countertop. However, these surfaces aren’t clean or disinfected in any sense of the words. 

You need to work with a medical office cleaning company that utilizes products that not only make your facility look clean but leave it disinfected and truly clean.

Reliable, Trusted Cleaning Team

Imagine walking into the office one morning to find no one showed up to clean the night before or that the job is only half done. You need to work with a medical office cleaning company that you know you can rely on to show up and do an awesome job. 

Also, your medical office doesn’t normally keep banker’s hours, and you don’t want to work with a cleaning company that does. You want a cleaning company that’s available anytime day or night to answer your question and address any concerns. 

You don’t want to get trapped in a long-term contract in case the quality of the service goes down over time. Ask any cleaning company about the length of the contracts before you sign up for the service

It’s essential for you to hire a service that specializes in medical office cleaning for your doctor’s office, surgical suite, or another type of medical facility. The specialized training and cleaning products help to protect your patients and staff. At JaniTek, our team is trained for medical office cleaning. Contact us today. 

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