JaniTek Welcomes Two New Account Representatives

At JaniTek, we are committed to delivering our clients with the most stress-free, comprehensive, and quality services possible. In order to do this, we are consistently growing our team to ensure that each client can be guaranteed the personalized attention that they deserve. Our most recent additions are Account Representatives, Ramiro Garcia and John Pritchard.
Welcome to the JaniTek Team, Ramiro and John!


Ramiro Garcia


Ramiro joins the JaniTek team with over 20 years of management experience in the health, wellness, and fitness industry, as well as an Associate’s degree in Business Administration from Evergreen Valley College. Ramiro holds the belief that listening is the key to building great relationships and is essential in to lasting partnerships Ramiro is excited to bring his vast experience into his new adventure as part of the JaniTek team! When he is not at work, Ramiro is enjoying family and outdoor experiences, like a great hike through knight’s ferry, or a day on the beach with Kona, the family dog!




John Pritchard


After 10 years in the health and wellness industry, John is excited to transition into his new role as a JaniTek Account Representative. He brings with him a drive to serve his clients as efficiently and effectively as possible, by building communicative relationships and continually growing. John works hard to ensure that the fruit of his labor is always a satisfied client. He applies many of the same principles his personal life, believing that in each, the results are inseparable from the means. According to John, whatever he’s doing, he’s keeping it light and having fun!

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