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Office Spring Cleaning
Green Cleaning 101
Preparing for Allergies in the Office

March 2017 Newsletter

If you’re like me, you probably spend a good chunk of the day in your office. Even if you don’t mind a little mess, Spring is a great reason to get organized at the office and a good spring cleaning might just bring new life to your office space and facilitate even more productivity on your part! Here are a few quick tips to clean up your office space. Take a look at the ideas we put together to make your spring cleaning a fun and productive day at the office

Electronics get lots of use each day and yes, they get really dirty! It only takes  a few minutes to dust off all my electronics; but a couple times a year, I’ll spend a little extra time doing some deep cleaning. Use compressed air to spray the dust and crumbs out of your computer keyboard then wipe down the keys, mouse, and any other surfaces (besides the screens) with a damp cloth. I like using cotton swabs to get in the cracks and crevices. I do the same with my printer, fax machine,  Every surface should be dusted and/or wiped down. A clean work environment can undoubtedly help create a positive, lasting impression on your customers.

Keep an Eye on High Traffic Areas

High traffic areas in the workplace that see more foot traffic than other spots throughout the day. With your lobby being the spot where people enter and exit your business, chances are it’s one of, if not the most high traffic areas of your building. As a result, the floor and carpet in your lobby gather even more dirt, and wear even faster than other areas.

Wash Your Windows

Windows are a great source for brightening up your workplace with natural sunlight. However, when they go uncleaned, they can also become a bright exhibit for showcasing dist, smudges, and other marks. And Believe us, those aren’t the kinds of things your clients or staff are hoping to see through your windows. Help keep your business looking attractive and professional by regularly cleaning your building’s windows, especially those in high traffic areas.

Dusting is a Must

Keeping the fixtures in your business clean and free of dust is very important to clean at least once a year and it makes a good impression on clients coming into your office. Though it might take a while for dirt and debris to create a noticeable build up, dusty furniture and equipment are easily spotted in the office especially during the pollen season.  To help ensure that your anxiously waiting customers remember the magazine article they read and not how dirty your office was, keep the fixtures in your lobby clean and dust free.


Change up your decorations
Bring in a small plant to “green up” your work space
Hang a peg board or magnetic board to post photos
Add a fresh smell in the office
I find that I’m much more productive if my work space is clean, organized, and inviting  and who doesn’t want to be more productive.


Green Cleaning 101

Maintaining a clean workplace is ideal to healthy living, traditional cleaners can come at a heavy price.  What makes a cleaning product a green product, are green products as effective as traditional cleaning products when it comes to battling cleaning your office.

  • Some traditional cleaning products contain ingredients that are known to have chemicals that effect the skin and lungs
  • Some of the traditional cleaning products have chemicals that add elements to enhance the effectiveness of the products which is overall bad for you, especially if used is spaces with no direct ventilation.

Green Cleaning Products

  • No toxic residue – so you don’t have to rinse after using on surfaces that come in contact with food which will eventually be eaten.
  • Better for the environment
  • No toxic fumes – no need to worry about proper ventilation or indoor air pollution
  • Green cleaning products tend to be more expensive then the alternatives, but the demand for green products are increasing as more products are becoming available.
  • Green cleaning products may take a little more elbow grease to get the same results but the effect of negative air quality is worth it.


Preparing for Allergies in the Office

Allergies are the fifth leading chronic disease in the United States, dealing with daily allergies at work can often be difficult. It’s hard to focus on business when your eyes are itchy, your nose is running or stuffed and repetitive sneezing. To those who have been diagnosed with hay fever, these elements represent the dreaded “Allergy Season,” out to wreak havoc on their respiratory system.
If seasonal allergies have your office sniffling and sneezing, it is likely that your employees are getting less work done. Poor indoor air quality can trigger allergy symptoms, possibly turning your workplace into a harsh environment. A great way to increase production when flowers are blooming and grass is being mowed is to get cleaning! You will be able to transform your workplace into a haven from seasonal allergies, helping your employees breathe easier.
Check out a few of our tips for dealing with office allergies.

Office Equipment. Turn off all electronic equipment when it’s not in use. Photocopiers have a reputation for emitting ozone, an environmental pollutant. In closed offices, the ozone can build up, creating problems especially for those with asthma or allergies. Make sure the copier room is well-ventilated.

De-Clutter Your Desks. A messy desk may be the sign of a creative mind, but it’s also the sign of a dust collector. Dust always finds a way to settle onto computer screens and office phones, as well as into the cracks and crevices of your keyboard. To reduce allergens in your office space, take some time to clean off desk surfaces with a microfiber towel, wiping them down with cleaning solution and minimizing clutter as you work organizes your work space but also clears any unwanted debris.

Increase Frequency of Cleaning. With employees, clients and customers walking in and out of the building all day long, there is no way to eliminate the tracking of pollen and dander into your office space. The best way to combat this is to increase the number of evenings your cleaning company provides service. Regularly vacuumed carpets and dusted cabinetry can be a big help in reducing the effects of seasonal allergies.

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