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What Are Green Janitorial Services?

There has been a lot of buzz around “going green” by businesses and “green janitorial cleaning services”, but what does this mean? Is it using non-toxic chemicals or biodegradable products? It’s certainly what you’re thinking—using products that are not harmful to your health and the environment at large. When you’re looking to go green, green janitorial services are key.

We all know or might have probably heard of the adverse effects of cleaning agents on our health and the environment—water pollution, air contamination, and the general effect on the climate. They all lead to human and animal health deterioration. With that in mind, it’s worth switching to an eco-friendly system.

Today, we’ve prepared this short yet comprehensive article to help you understand what green janitorial cleaning services are and why you should consider using them. Let’s get started!

So, What Is Green Janitorial Cleaning?

Green janitorial cleaning uses cleaning systems and products that have eco-friendly components designed to preserve human health and environmental quality. Using conventional cleaning products leads to severe environmental pollution due to the hazardous chemicals they are made of.

In addition to harming the environment, they may also contribute to coughing, sneezing, eye irritation, or skin rashes that may lead to health conditions such as asthma, cancer, and birth defects. So, using green janitorial cleaning services assures the safety of our health as well as protecting the environment against harmful products.

Green Janitorial Cleaning Services

Janitorial cleaning services are simply the commercial cleaning services provided by janitorial service companies. They may be offered to healthcare and medical facilities, educational facilities, banks and financial institutions, the manufacturing and construction industry, government offices, among others. The cleaning services may include activities such as;

  • Floor maintenance such as floor waxing and polishing
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Post-construction cleaning
  • Warehouse cleaning
  • Cleaning walls, windows, furniture, and so on.

With the raging pandemic, some janitorial service companies are also offering Covid-19 disinfection services. It would be best if you keep your business up and running by disinfecting your premises.

Benefits of Green Cleaning

Whether you are using janitorial cleaning services for your home or work premises, the health and safety of your family or employees matter. By going green, you’ll surely be making your health and safety paramount. There are several benefits of using green janitorial services, including;

  1. Increased productivity among employees
  2. Reduced waste, thus saving on costs
  3. Improving your brand image due to the reputation earned by going green
  4. An increase in your ROI
  5. Reduced absenteeism due to increased safety of employees health
  6. Improved quality of indoor air
  7. Improved wildlife and environmental health

As you can see, using green janitorial services protects your health and environment while improving your business. Green cleaning products are also known to fight against ozone depletion. The next time you’re in the market for cleaning services, you should consider hiring a janitorial service company that offers green cleaning services. And always remember that a healthier environment is a healthier life.

There have been numerous calls for businesses to continue embracing the “going green” initiative, with the effort directed towards preventing environmental pollution. You don’t want to be left behind. Consider using the green janitorial cleaning services that use ecosystem-friendly techniques and products, hence preserving our environment. Plus, they also protect your health and that of your employees.

Let Us Help You Go Green

At JaniTek, we offer green cleaning services tailored towards your needs as well as your budget. We are an environmentally aware and responsible janitorial service company with a Green seal-42 certification. We work exceptionally hard to minimize waste, lower our carbon footprint, and look out for the health of our clients’ staff and our janitors. Contact us today to schedule an estimate or get a free consultation with our professionals.


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