Be on Alert: COVID-19 Clean-Up Fraud Offers

It’s been weeks since COVID-19 work restrictions began and it now finally looks as though many companies will begin re-opening their offices for business. Several of our clients suspended cleaning service during this shutdown period and are now asking what they should do to clean their facilities before people come back to their desks, phones, and computer stations. We’ve learned some companies are offering fogging and misting disinfectant services and charging exorbitant rates. Please beware! As you might pay for a service you don’t actually need. For example, if a company offers COVID-19 Clean-Up and shows you pictures such as this:

Be cautious or be prepared to potentially overpay for a service that is not necessary to open up your business.

The truth is, if you’ve been completely closed, all you need is staff or a professional janitorial company to do a basic clean-up for normal janitorial rates. No need for spray suits, disinfectant electrostatic misters, or respirator masks that will cost four times the price of standard clean-up. Some of these businesses offering this service aren’t even janitorial cleaning companies and are simply using this as an opportunity to profit on other’s fears.

The electrostatic cleaning product distribution method shown above is effective, but in many cases, it is expensive and unnecessary. The only time you should be willing to pay the 2- 3x more for this service is on an emergency basis. This occurs when there has been an actual viral exposure, and the CDC recommendation of airing out the space for 24 hours isn’t practical. Because of the emergency nature of this service, it will cost more than standard janitorial and is justifiable. This type of service is also used by airlines and distribution centers as part of their daily service and typically without the hazmat suit unless there has been an exposure.

So before you consider that type of service, please know JaniTek offers standard and detailed disinfectant cleaning to help you reopen and will charge our normal rates. No fear-based price-gouging, just consistently and fairly doing our job and earning your business every day!

For more information, go to OSHA’s COVID-19 Control Prevention website below.

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– Blain Bibb
JaniTek President/CEO

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