5 Awesome Things About Microfiber

Did you know that the “Tek” in JaniTek is a reference to our commitment to using the most cutting edge cleaning technology? To us, cleaning is a science. One of the more exciting examples is the introduction of microfiber in professional cleaning.

JaniTek’s microfiber technology is one of the ways how we’re making the world a cleaner and greener place. Here are five reasons why JaniTek only cleans with microfiber.

  1. Microfiber holds up to 7 times its weight: The synthetic fibers and special weave combine to trap a huge amount of moisture, dirt, and allergens – up to seven times its weight!
  2. Microfiber is super charged through static cling: When the synthetic fibers in microfiber rub together, a static charge is created. That charge, combined with the curled ends of the fibers, help capture dirt instead of just pushing it around.
  3. Microfiber is greener: When compared to traditional cleaning tools such as rags or paper towels, microfiber provides the same amount of clean while using only 10% of the cleaning solution. This keeps paper waste and additional water and chemical usage to a minimum.
  4. Microfiber is gentle: JaniTek’s microfiber cloths are incredibly durable without being abrasive and can be washed over 400 times – that’s a lot of cleaning!
  5. Color Coding: Germs can spread around from area to area when traditional janitors use the same cotton rags to clean your bathroom, your break room, and your desk. JaniTek color codes their microfibers to eliminate cross-contamination and creates a clean and healthy work space.
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