Modern Sustainable Office Interior With Brick Wall, Waiting Area And Indoor Plants.

What Does a Sustainable Office Look Like?

Sustainability, or the “going green” initiative, has developed significantly from being just a buzzword in roughly the last three decades. In essence, it has become the standard in nearly all aspects of life. Today, more and more businesses welcome working green and are keen on creating eco-friendly workplaces. In fact, having a sustainable office has even become a requirement in some industries and states.

So, what has so far been the impact of creating greener and more sustainable environments? From saving energy to reducing waste and overhead costs, sustainable 21st-century offices have been a go-to for many savvy investors due to their benefits. That is, including but is not limited to: 

  • Improving the brand image and reputation
  • Increasing the workforce’s productivity
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Attracting more business/investors.

So, if you’re looking into creating a beautiful, environmentally-conscious workplace, read on to understand what it takes to have one!

1. Capitalize on Natural Light

One of the most cost-effective and sustainable measures you can consider is utilizing natural light. This is also known as “daylighting.” Where possible in your office, you should try and make the best use of this nature-given lighting. For example, windows, sun pipes, and roof lights are a few ways to tap into the benefits of natural light. By simply having your windows open, you’ll add more natural light to your office.

In fact, not only does using natural light save on costs, but it also has a positive effect on our bodies. Natural light helps us produce vitamin D, which improves focus and overall productivity in the workplace. So, you should make the most out of natural light to save on energy and also enhance the wellness of your workforce.

2. Maximize Insulation and Thermal Mass

Put simply, better insulation means reduced energy consumption. If you look into building from scratch, then use materials with more insulation. Alternatively, you can consider renovation or remodeling to incorporate additional insulation on your office surfaces such as walls, roof, and floor. Spray foam and fiberglass are some of the options to consider splashing into your existing buildings.

Concrete, brick, and other masonry materials also help create thermal mass, which has the capacity to store heat. Due to its nature of capturing and releasing heat in line with the prevailing temperatures, thermal mass can significantly aid in the cooling and warming of your office. During construction, use natural building materials as most of them amplify thermal mass.

3. Choose Green Power and Other Sustainable Materials

In layman’s terms, green power can be described as any form of electricity that is produced from low-impact power sources such as wind, solar, and biogas. These are primarily renewable energy sources that not only contribute to the beauty and sustainability of your offices but also the world we live in. They are energy-efficient generators that leave a small to no amount of carbon footprint on the environment.

Additionally, you can ensure the usage of other green and sustainable measures in your office. These include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Put up sensors to regulate lighting in low traffic/usage areas in your office and after working hours. 
  • Install energy-efficient light bulbs.
  • Use recyclable and compostable products/materials.
  • Harvest rainwater. 
  • Maximize your ventilation for good fresh air circulation indoors.

Key Takeaway

These three elements can go a long way towards making your office more sustainable. Plus, they also lead to a healthy and productive workforce. Remember that environmentally-conscious customers will also prefer your brand, giving you an extra edge. 

JaniTek is an environmentally aware and responsible janitorial service company with a Green Seal-42 certification—utmost recognition for implementing green commercial and industrial cleaning services. This means that we use the latest technology to implement the green standards during the entire cleaning process while looking out for the health of your employees. When you’re ready to implement green commercial cleaning services into your sustainability initiative, contact us to get a free consultation with our professionals.

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