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How Warehouse Cleaning Promotes Safety and Productivity

Cleaning is important in any kind of facility—but it can have a specific impact on a warehouse environment. Keeping floors clean from spills and debris prevents accidents and injuries. Professional cleaning of surfaces and common areas promotes a healthy environment and prevents the spread of disease. In a broader sense, cleaning includes organization so that accurate inventory is maintained. In industrial environments such as warehouses, unique cleaning processes are required and should be utilized.

Preventing Accidents and Injuries

Many kinds of accidents can occur in warehouses, which can result in injuries. Machinery such as forklifts can cause serious injury, as well as damage to inventory. According to OSHA, slips, trips and falls constitute a high number of industrial accidents. Carelessness with chemicals and hazardous materials can cause burns. Many other kinds of accidents and injuries can occur.

Regular professional cleaning means that floors are not slippery, preventing employee slips and falls. Forklifts and other equipment are also prevented from slips and slides, preventing other accidents. Keeping areas clean of chemical spills also means that employees can be safe from chemical harm. Such prevention directly contributes to productivity.

Promoting a Healthy Environment

Any facility with a large number of employees sharing workspaces and common areas must be vitally concerned with maintaining a healthy environment. Warehouses have many such spaces including the warehouse space itself, offices, equipment rooms, loading docks, storage, restrooms and break rooms.

JaniTek provides professional cleaning services backed with industrial cleaning experience. We possess the know-how to maintain a warehouse so that it is always a healthy environment for employees, delivery and pickup personnel, and visitors alike.

Specialized COVID-19 Cleaning Procedures

Promoting a healthy environment is especially important with today’s COVID-19 pandemic concerns. JaniTek’s experienced staff and comprehensive COVID-19 cleaning ensures that your warehouse space is properly sanitized and disinfected following all CDC guidelines. JaniTek utilizes a 2-part procedure that sanitizes every object, surface, surface, nook and cranny.

JaniTek’s COVID-19 cleaning procedure includes a thorough cleaning using an EPA- registered disinfectant on all surfaces, including complete, detailed sanitation of all high-traffic and touch areas. It also includes the spraying of an EPA-registered disinfectant using an electrostatic sprayer. The sprayer positively charges a disinfectant molecule, causing it to be attracted to all surfaces, and virus and bacterial molecules. This process gets into every square inch of hard-to-reach areas, ensuring total disinfecting.


Cleaning in the broader sense also includes organizing items in their proper places. In a warehouse environment, keeping goods well-organized means that inventory can be accurately maintained and items can be rapidly located for shipping and delivery. Of course, keeping the warehouse clean and safe makes for a more efficient operation, which includes keeping the warehouse organized.

Specialty Cleaning for Industrial Environments

Industrial facilities such as warehouses require unique cleaning processes—and this is something that JaniTek Cleaning Solutions understands. Warehouses contain a variety of floor types, as well as a diverse mix of different cleaning areas. Any warehouse facility will greatly benefit from partnering with JaniTek Cleaning Solutions. We utilize a broad variety of commercial cleaning technologies—from high-powered pressure washers and industrial flooring machines to the most delicate microfiber towel technology.

Cleaning Detailed to Your Specific Needs

JaniTek partners with you to understand the specific cleaning needs of your warehouse facility, learning your hot buttons, staff personal cleaning preferences, and facility use cycles. We develop a custom commercial cleaning solution that meets your needs as well as your budget.

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