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JaniTek “Plus One” Means the Happiest Employees in the Industry


Especially throughout the recent Covid-19 pandemic, cleaning staff have been behind-the-scenes heroes. At this time more than ever, they have been going above and beyond the norm to make a real difference. They’ve worked hard to sanitize hospitals and make communal areas safe, slowing down and stopping the spread of Covid-19 and providing their clients real peace of mind.

JaniTek Cleaning Solutions does not take the work of such people lightly. It can be problematic to fund meaningful employee appreciation programs in a challenging economy and business climate—yet despite this, we offer incentives to our employees through our “Plus One Employer” program that well exceed industry standards.

Substantial Benefits

For full-time employees, benefits include paid vacation, sick day allowances, holiday pay, and health and dental programs. Also provided are leaves for family and medical, school and childcare activities and military.

Additional Incentives

Quite beyond these benefits, we also provide for a work-life balance. We offer flexible work schedules and the opportunity for employees to work close to their homes.

Along with payday comes extra treats and fun activities. Recognition is given for work anniversaries. Incentives are provided for exemplary performance, teamwork, and safety. We even recognize employee birthdays.

Classroom Training

We don’t just throw employees onto the job and expect them to be experts. Another set of benefits for being a JaniTek employee is our offering of several different types of skills enhancement.

Our classroom instruction includes in-depth training on general housekeeping and disinfecting. Specialty training includes instruction on standards of hazardous materials and blood-borne pathogens, medical and cleanroom protocols, and pandemic cleaning protocols.

Training is also offered for job safety and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

On-The-Job Training

On-the-job training begins with the actual facility at which an employee will be working. The employee’s supervisor introduces them to their facility.

Team members tend to excel in different types of facilities—for example, some in industrial and manufacturing, and others in medical or general office. We do our best to match an employee’s particular skills with a type of facility.

Ongoing Coaching

But skills enhancement doesn’t stop there. For the first three months of employment, team members are returned to the classroom every 30 days to review safety protocols. They are also given a chance at these times to ask any questions they have about cleaning processes.

JaniTek also conducts a consistent review of CDC cleaning protocols, and conducts monthly safety meetings.

Happiest Employees in the Industry

As you can see, we go a long way to take care of our team members with unheard-of incentives and recognition programs. It may come as no surprise, then, that our employee turnover rate is three times lower than the national average. Our employees are the happiest, best paid, most appreciated and best-recognized in California’s Central Valley and Central Coast.

A Proud and Responsible Company

Our “Plus One” program for employees is a reflection of the extraordinary pride and responsibility JaniTek takes as a company.

We are customer-centered—our first priority is the satisfaction of our customers. This includes working within our customers’ budgets. It also includes caring for customer environments—we’re a Green Seal-42 Certified Company. We utilize microfiber technology, low-moisture systems, low-decibel vacuums, and take other measures to lower our carbon footprint and watch for the health of our customers and janitors.

We serve a wide variety of industries, including professional offices, banks and financial institutions, industrial and manufacturing facilities, construction, government offices, educational facilities, healthcare and medical facilities, and more.

If you’re ready to become one of today’s behind-the-scenes heroes, fill out an application today.

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