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Educational facilities  are perhaps the most susceptible to germs, dirt, and grime, and require the highest level of cleanliness . They are also four times as densely occupied as commercial office spaces, meaning they must be cleaned more frequently and even more effectively. For ages, janitorial services at schools were kept in-house, but the shift to commercial cleaning companies is happening rapidly. This is because the comprehensive, professional services of a commercial company cannot be rivaled, particularly for the price. Professional services offer the most comprehensive cleaning, a rapid response rate, top tier products, and additional services that are oftentimes not offered by in-house options. Also, it saves you the time and money that goes into hiring and managing a full-time janitorial staff.

The necessity of green cleaning is something that often gets overlooked when done in-house. While sanitation must be at the highest level, industrial strength cleaning products and room deodorizers can be hazardous, adding an extra issue for schools. It is of the utmost importance to clean using products that yield the best possible results while not posing any dangers or health risks. JaniTek is proud to be Green Seal 42-certified. The Green Seal 42 certification not only looks at the use of green products, but also equipment, procedures, and training. Whether it be microfiber technology, low moisture systems, or low decibel vacuums, JaniTek is constantly looking at ways to improve the health and safety of your students and staff.

Security is yet another reason to entrust your educational facility’s cleaning with a professional company. It is imperative that you know who is in your building, particularly when the safety of children is at risk. At JaniTek, we screen all employees using a fully comprehensive background check, drug testing, social security verification, and personality test. We utilize over 1000 background databases, including county and federal criminal records, to ensure we are hiring the most trustworthy employees.

Something else to consider is that many schools in California feature primarily outdoor campuses. This means that just as much effort must go into the outdoor portion of the campus as it does the indoors. Finding one company that offers all the necessary services to get this done, however, can be a challenge. JaniTek happily offers outdoor cleaning services that include everything from from window cleaning to power-washing, to ensure that your entire facility stays as pristine as possible.

The cleanliness of your educational facility is detrimental- to faculty, students, and parents alike.  In addition to requiring frequent, safe, efficient cleaning, there is no question that every penny counts in a school’s budget. Outsourcing the cleaning of your educational facility to a trusted company saves valuable money. And by getting more bang for less buck, the retained cost can go straight into where it’s most important- the classroom.

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