5 Tips for Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning is the perfect opportunity to complete all those tasks you’ve been putting off.

You spend the majority of the time in your home and office so you might as well make the surrounding area pleasant! Continue reading for five spring cleaning tips to keep in mind while you’re tidying up your home and office.

1. Throw Out Those Old Papers

Your office desk is supposed to be a place of peace and serenity where we can work without disruption. However, we’re all guilty of the pointless stack of papers staring back at us in in the corner of our desk. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to sort through this stack and throw out the papers that are of no use to you anymore. After all, clutter can be distracting and unattractive. After you’ve done the dirty work, its now time for the fun part! Create a filing system to organize all the papers you ended up keeping to prevent that unwanted stack from visiting your desk again. Before you print, ask yourself: do I really need this file? Whether your office is at home or your business, you will be thankful you said good-bye to the stack.

2. Clean the Floors the Right Way

It is easy to overlook the floor of your office, after all its not quite in your line of sight. However, the floor is one of the dirtiest areas of the office due to individuals dragging in dirt and all kinds of bacteria every day. This being said, it is crucial to properly clean this flat surface of grime! Whether it is carpet, vinyl, or hardwood be sure to take all the steps necessary to a fresh floor. JaniTek offers excellent services that focus on deep cleaning any type of floor to ensure a spotless stage for your office.

3. Spotless Windows!

Spring cleaning is nothing without a couple spotless windows. Whether your office building is covered with windows or only consists of one, it is crucial to give the glass some lovin’. After all, when you are sitting at your desk don’t you want enjoy the view and not the fingerprints of the little kid that walked by? For your spring cleaning endeavors, spotless windows are the cherry on top to a flawless office. JaniTek offers professional and qualified window cleaning for all your glass needs.

4. Organize Your Computer

We’ve all had that moment when we realize we cannot see our beautiful desktop due to an overwhelming amount of icons. This is a sign that your computer is in need of organization. Delete any icons that are not useful and skim through files to figure out which ones can be moved to the trash. Not only will this remove the clutter from your computer, but it will also create more storage. Technology is a crucial aspect of running a business and most work is revolved around your computer. This being said, organizing your files will keep your computer tidy and working properly!

5. The Nooks and Crannies

Every office building has a different, intricate layout with hundreds of corners and crevice’s. These tight spaces are very easy to ignore, but just as important to take care of. Your final step of spring cleaning should consist of cleaning these tight places with different tools, such as dusters and wipes. This is not the most exciting task and some may not have time for the elaborate details. Not to worry, JaniTek can leave you to your work and take over for you! JaniTek offers services specifically focusing on cleaning the tight spaces of your office. Stop ignoring the nooks and cranny’s and call JaniTek today!

If you’d like to treat your office to spring cleaning call JaniTek for exceptional cleaning services at (888)833-7705.

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