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How Labor Shortages Are Affecting The Janitorial Industry

In today’s difficult business climate and economy, labor shortages are common, and many janitorial services companies are having trouble hiring and retaining reliable employees. In non-pandemic times the janitorial industry employee turnover rate is typically between 200-400%. JaniTek certainly has shared these challenges. However, our employee turnover rate consistently beats these numbers.

Read on to learn how we do it and how we’re your best solution for outsourced janitorial services.

Janitorial Labor Shortages Are an Industry-wide Problem

Professional offices, healthcare and medical facilities, industrial and manufacturing facilities, educational facilities, banks and financial institutions, distribution centers, facilities under construction, government offices, and research labs are relying on commercial cleaning now more than ever. At the same time, janitorial labor shortages are having widespread impacts on the industry.

For one thing, expectations regarding commercial cleaning needs are higher than ever before due to a renewed focus on rigorous cleaning and sanitization. For another, facilities and operations managers are increasingly concerned that their facilities won’t be meticulously cleaned – on time or at all.

JaniTek Is the Solution

Even during a labor crunch that has been particularly hard on janitorial companies that provide commercial cleaning services, JaniTek has continued to provide consistent service to our valued customers. Over the years, our 478 work teams have served 1,400 customers. A good Client Retention Rate for the janitorial Industry is 85%. JaniTek consistently beats the standard and tracks in the 90 percentile.

While many janitorial staffing companies are concerned about understaffing, JaniTek is maintaining staffing levels and providing the reliable service our customers expect.

Here’s how we do it.

Training and Backfill Programs

Long before the pandemic, JaniTek had contingency planning tools, detailed schedule management processes, and a solid team infrastructure in place to provide customers with consistent, thorough cleaning services. In addition, our skills enhancement training programs—classroom training, on-the-job training, and ongoing coaching—prepare all staff to provide the dependable service our customers need, when they need it.

JaniTek’s multi-level backfill team includes supervisors, production staff, and area janitors. Our operations team and staffing coordinators oversee all janitors, double- and triple-checking that all accounts are covered—weekends included. By remaining in constant communication with our janitors, our supervisory teams are able to fully cover customer accounts and allocate staff to open slots immediately to ensure no account falls through the cracks.

Hiring Around the Clock and Hiring From Within

In this challenging environment, JaniTek is hiring and filling positions around the clock to ensure we have all the staff we need to meet our commercial customers’ cleaning needs.

For example, most janitorial work takes place in the evenings, and most positions are part time. As such, we seek out reliable, detail-oriented people who are looking for a second job to make ends meet. We also seek out responsible students who want to earn extra spending money. These individuals appreciate our willingness to accommodate their fluctuating schedules.

We post and advertise open positions on Indeed.com, other job boards, and social media. In addition, we hold virtual and in-person job fairs and partner with local agencies, including the Employment Development Department (EDD), El Concilio, and multiple programs that support veterans’ needs.

We also regularly hire and promote from within. For instance, if our janitors have taken advantage of our managerial training opportunities and have demonstrated their leadership potential, they can apply for roles as floor technicians, detailers, or janitorial supervisors.

Robust Benefits Package and Perks

JaniTek’s employee turnover rate is three times lower than the national average, in large part because we offer employee incentives that exceed industry standards. We are a “Plus One Employer,” and our pay, benefits, and recognition programs are unheard of in the janitorial industry.

Our Plus One Employer program positions them to address janitorial labor shortages head on. We pay competitive salaries, as well as provide employees with training, uniforms, supervision, constant feedback, and, most of all, care and respect. We celebrate team members’ successes weekly and have recognition programs with categories for good team work, integrity, safety, and outstanding service. We also offer a referral bonus program and opportunities to participate in free English language learning classes on weekends.

Here are some of the benefits and incentives that enable us to hire and retain the best employees in the industry.

Paid Vacation

Sick Day Allowances

Holiday Pay

Health & Dental

Family & Medical Leave

School & Childcare Activities Leave

Military Leave

Flexible Work Schedule

Work Close to Home

Payday Treats and Fun

Anniversary Recognition

Badge Recognition Program

Education Credit Opportunities

Skills Enhancement Program

Referral Bonus Program

Incentive Pay Opportunities

Birthday Recognition

Teamwork Recognition

Performance Recognition

Safety Program Incentives

Promotional Opportunities

Happy Employees Make for Happy Customers

By investing heavily in our employees, JaniTek gains their loyalty. Our customers, in turn, trust our proven teams to show up on time and provide second-to-none service.

While janitorial labor shortages are a reality, JaniTek’s customers appreciate that we have the most consistently reliable janitorial employees in California’s Central Valley and Central Coast. We have found that good pay, flexible hours, and respectful treatment are the most important factors in retaining employees that customers can always count on.

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