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Do you know who’s in your building? And are they insured?

You lock your doors, your home, and your car to protect your assets. You obtain health insurance, car insurance, business insurance, and life insurance to protect your way of life and the lives of those important to you. You conduct your life with the utmost security standards, and in doing so, you add stability to your life. We at JaniTek know that you expect that same level of security and stability at your business. This is why we take care to thoroughly screen and train each employee. Additionally, we take pride in not only ensuring our clients’ security, but insuring them as well. JaniTek is a fully insured, licensed, and bonded janitorial company, and we take our clients’ risk management needs to heart. With JaniTek, you can trust that you are covered.

More and more companies these days are outsourcing work to save money, relieve management resource strain, and to limit liability. The expectation for clients is that their janitorial partner will not only do a top-quality job, but also supply workers compensation & employers’ liability, general liability from workmanship, automotive liability, cyber liability, and potential theft liability. At JaniTek, we protect clients by listing them as ‘additional insured’ on all applicable policies to insure protection and customer satisfaction. Our clients appreciate this protection and transparency as we strive to consistently align our coverage limits with the exposures of our clients. Additionally, our clients are notified at renewal if our coverage has changed or been moved to other reputable carriers.

In addition to being a fully insured company, all JaniTek employees go through a comprehensive, “1000 point” BSCAI background check and social security verification. This background check includes access to information from the Federal Criminal Records database and all of the 3400+ county court houses throughout the United States. We conduct security specific training and service checks, and our Dial-Direct check-in system pinpoints the exact time our team arrives and leaves your facility. Our Supervisors train and continually inspect our cleaners to ensure all exterior doors are properly secured and that your alarm system is properly operated.

JaniTek janitors are solid, hardworking, and trustworthy employees who are simply working hard to provide for themselves and their families. These same team members are truly grateful for the opportunities that our clients present them with, and they work diligently to earn and maintain the trust of our clients. If an issue ever arises, we immediately respond to our customers and investigate the matter to determine a cause and course of action. Rest assured, we stand behind our work and our customers!

At JaniTek, we care about your business, your safety, and your security.

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