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Stop Dirt at the Door
Why Professional Furniture Cleaning is a Must



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 January 2018 Clean Communications


First impressions matter. Upon entering a building, customers are assessing their experience. Many factors are at play, but a clean, dry floor creates a good first impression. Proper entrance matting it is often overlooked or an afterthought and yet it is so significant to a clean, safe and healthy environment. A proper entrance matting system helps businesses of all kinds provide a safer, healthier and more attractive environment for their employees and customers. Check out our top reasons why you should take a closer look at your entrance mats.

Interior Maintenance

According to the Institute of Industrial Launderers, approximately 80% of the soil, dust, and moisture that enter a facility are tracked in on the shoes of building staff and visitors. Effective, high performance matting can trap and hold up to 75% of this soil at the door.
The primary purpose of an entrance mat is to remove that soil and any moisture from the shoe. While this appears obvious, not all entrance mats actually accomplish this goal. The most effective option is a mat that provides a combination of scraping and wiping to stop the spread of soil and contaminants. A mat with inferior scraping ability will wear quickly and not absorb moisture.


Without effective entrance matting, as few as 1,500 people can remove 42 percent of the finish from a floor. Combine this with dirt and rain, and you have the recipe for injury due to a slip and fall. Entrance mats should always be slip-resistant. Mats that prevent leakage on to the adjacent floor surface can help to decrease slipping hazards. Rubber vs. vinyl backed mats can offer slip resistant advantages. Vinyl-backed mats may curl, while rubber-backed mats do not.

Floor Protection

Tracked in dirt and moisture can cause scratches, scuff marks and staining on interior flooring surfaces. Entrance matting can eliminate damaging particles from the bottoms of shoes before reaching interior flooring and will help prolong its new appearance.

Air Quality

As mentioned above, about 80% of soil and dust that enters a facility is on the shoes of employees and visitors. A proper entrance matting system will reduce exposure to hazardous particulates and chemical pollutants and improve indoor air quality.

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Why Professional Furniture Cleaning is a Must


When it comes to cleaning, we scrub our floors, wipe our surfaces, and dust our shelves, but how often do we clean our furniture? Furniture is an investment, and in reality, it gets the brunt of wear in our households and work spaces. So, why does it so often get overlooked? Like anything else, furniture must be cleaned properly and regularly. And for the most effective cleaning, it should be done professionally.  

As previously stated, furniture is an investment, and it is essential that it is then cared for properly. Having your furniture professionally cleaned will eliminate any stains and visible dirt and keep the appearance of your furniture looking nice. Additionally, it will prevent the buildup of dirt and keep wear and tear at bay, so you can keep your investment in tact as long as possible.

Though many people think they can remove stains and clean their furniture themselves, it is was lurks beyond the surface that is the real problem. A surface clean on furniture, which is what most people do, may give the appearance of cleanliness, but in reality, dirt and grime penetrate below the surface of furniture and live deep inside the fibers. This means you could have fleas, mold, grime, and bacteria living in your upholstery without you even knowing it! The result of this are health issues, allergens, poor air quality, and overall health hazards. Not to mention- odors!
To keep your furniture clean, actually clean, professional services are needed. If you’re interested in having your office’s furniture tended to, contact JaniTek today at 1-855-JANI-TEK.

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