Importance of the Day Porter – Additional Cleaning & Disinfecting of High Traffic Areas and Touch Points


Why intermittent day cleaning with an essential “Janitorial Day Porter” is the new norm:

The janitorial day porter provides more than just the “clean up on floor 3” service.  Yes, they respond to immediate needs throughout the day, but they also complete a consistent routine that includes detailed disinfecting of common areas, public areas, break areas, and restrooms. Many companies utilize this aspect of service because they value the quick response and the peace of mind it provides, as disinfecting for health is worth the additional cost to their cleaning budget.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented impetus on the importance of proper cleaning and disinfecting. JaniTek has never received more requests on our products, processes, and documentation and training than we have in the past 2 months. The truth is, we have been using the same systems that combat disease spread since we started our company in 2007.  These products and processes are not only the best for our employees and customers, but many of the training requirements are OSHA mandated. The increased demand for additional cleaning and disinfecting due to the virus is now the new norm for our customers.

JaniTek will help to assess any commercial business’s cleaning/disinfecting regimen and budget.  We’ll help you develop a budget consistent with your company’s and customer’s expectations. Much can be done with sanitation stations, employee cleaning protocols, day porting, and nightly janitorial.

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