Proactive Cleaning During a Closure


We can all agree that these unprecedented times have brought with them much uncertainty. With businesses and offices facing unexpected closures, staff working from home, and the world on lockdown, it’s easy to not know the appropriate next move. As a business owner, however, there are things you can do during closure to help flatten the curve and set yourself up for a successful return to normalcy.

Schedule a Deep Cleaning

While your office building or business is virtually empty, it is the perfect time to schedule a deep cleaning. All desks, electronics, seats, and more have had constant contact with employees, customers, and clients. A professional deep cleaning can ensure that every nook and cranny gets properly sanitized and disinfected. This way, not only will your space be sparkling clean, but staff can return to the safe workplace they can feel good about.

Have Your Carpets Cleaned

It’s also the ideal time to conduct a thorough carpet cleaning, as the drying process can be done without any interruption to employees. With so much foot traffic, it’s easy for carpets to develop a buildup of allergens and bacteria. A professional carpet cleaning will remove these harmful contaminants and improve overall air quality in your space.

Put in Place New Safety Measures

The current pandemic has been a harrowing reminder of the importance of health and safety protocols in the workplace. Consistent cleaning and education on proper sanitation are crucial. It’s also incredibly important to encourage employees to use sick time and stay home from work whenever under the weather. The implementation of these simple yet essential things will help in the continued efforts to keep everyone happy and healthy.


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