JaniTek Newsletter – November 2016

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Combating Janitorial Service Cost Inflation
Tips for Cleaning Wooden Floors
4 natural & Safe Ways to Clean Your Home for the Holidays

November Newsletter



Inflation is coming! Inflation is coming! With minimum wage increasing by 25% over the last 2 years, there is no doubt you have seen your janitorial budgets grow. The bad news is it’s not over! Over the next 4 years you will see 5% to 8% increases each year as minimum wage goes up through 2020. In the end you will have seen an 85% INCREASE in minimum wage from 2014 to 2020. This puts incredible strain on janitorial costs and other labor dependent services. With raw labor making up 50% + of your janitorial company’s budget, they must pass on the increase or face going out of business. It’s true that small companies under 50 employees can lag by one year, but who really wants to risk the operational challenges that come with letting a good company go just to save 5% in one year.

If lowest cost trumps quality cleaning and great customer service, then going out to bid might be the answer. However, if you have a good janitorial vendor, there are things you can do to partner with them to help reduce inflation.

  1. Talk openly with your janitorial vendor about your budget. Let them design and offer a cleaning plan that meets your budget and your quality requirements.
  2. Review your facility use and demands. Are there areas in your facility that do not need to be cleaned every day such as meeting rooms or offices where associates travel?
  3. Review your scope of work (task schedule). Are there certain tasks that can be stretched over a time period? For example, can high and low dusting move from every 4 weeks to every 6 weeks?
  4. Partner with your team members. Can desks be maintained by the person sitting in them? Your janitorial company may be able to provide wipes that all employees can use to dust desks and sanitize phones.
  5. Centralize your trash. Consider having one trash bin and one recycle bin per 10 employees. This can save 5% to 10% of  your daily janitorial budget depending on the number of trash cans and employees. An important factor worth mentioning are the savings you receive by not using so many trash liners. In addition, centralized trash and recycling encourages your staff to get up and move around, resulting in increased.

The above items are just a few proactive ways you can soften the inflation blow to your janitorial costs. Maybe your vendor has already worked with you on all of the above and more. If that’s the case brace yourself for annual bumps to match the minimum wage increase. For more ideas or a review of your existing cleaning program, contact JaniTek Cleaning Solutions!

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Tips for Cleaning Wooden Floors

Floor polishes have changed significantly over the decades, and as they’ve changed, so too has the floor maintenance industry. Natural waxes that played an integral part of the early floor maintenance polishes have gone by the wayside, and new polymer emulsion finishes have successfully taken their place.

Most of the history of floor finish has focused on the durability, ease of cleaning, appearance and safety of the film. Modern developments of floor finish include more durable polymers (semi-permanent and permanent systems), higher solids content, matte finishes and slip resistant formulations. One of the newest developments is the use of anti-microbial preservatives in floor finishes.

The impact that antimicrobial preservatives in floor finish may have is extremely important for floor maintenance programs in any environment. But it is even higher when you consider the additional protection that can be attained in the healthcare, education, day care, assisted living and any other environment where micro-organisms exist. This may very well be the single most important development for the future of floor maintenance in those environments.

The evolution of floor finishes has truly been a phenomenon when you think about it. When the combination of wind, water and gravity can erode the Himalayas, what chance does a thin polymeric film have against the same elements? The ability to continually restore the “wet look” of that thin film over and over again is nothing short of amazing. And now that technology has given us the ability to build anti-microbial preservatives into floor finish that protect us against what we can’t see,  Well, I guess it’s not just wax anymore.


4 Natural & Safe Ways to Clean Your Home for the Holidays

The holiday season can wreak havoc on your home. There’s a lot of cooking going on, clutter from decorations and gifts and the extra load of guests coming and going. Adding to the chaos is that it’s “sick season,” when kids seem to bring home all kinds of illness from runny noses to sore throats to the flu. But don’t despair, we have some tips to help you keep your home holiday ready and healthy, without using harsh chemicals.

Keep it tidy
One of the best ways to combat holiday chaos in your home is for each family member to spend 10 minutes every day picking up their personal items. You can even make a game of it. Set a timer and the person to get the most of their stuff put away in 10 minutes wins.

Wipe it when you see it
Keep microfiber cloths in every room so you can quickly wipe up smudges, dust, and other messes when you see them. Really, it will only take a minute, and you won’t have to remember that smudged wall later when you’re busy with other things.

Keep guests in mind
It’s important to keep guests’ health in mind, especially when trying to make your house smell nice.  “Remember that some people are more sensitive to smells and chemicals so when you are having guests over you want to avoid some of these.  Hosting a get-together or holiday party? Try putting orange peels and cinnamon sticks in a pot of water on the stove at a low simmer. The citrus will freshen the air while the cinnamon creates a pleasant cooking scent.

Avoid harsh chemicals
Although you may be tempted to use harsh cleaning chemicals, especially during sick season, it’s unnecessary. Simple household products like white vinegar and baking soda can clean and shine without the worries that come with harsh chemicals. JaniTek offers these tips for cleaning naturally. Clean with microfiber and water. Microfiber is a great way to remove toxic chemicals from your cleaning. The microfiber cloths do a great job cleaning kitchens, dusting and even mopping floors.
If you need assistance cleaning your windows, floors, or “unloved” areas, give our team a call today at 1-888-529-3792 or sign up for a free consultation.