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How to Properly Clean Your Electronics
5 Tips to Keep Your Bathroom in Tip Top Shape

December 2017 Clean Communications

Our electronics are a daily lifeline—typing, texting, and talking from dawn till dusk. And though they’re perhaps our most utilized possessions, it’s rare that we clean them as often as we should (or at all). So leave uncleanliness in 2017 and show your electronics some love!

Follow these tips and tricks on how to properly clean your electronics. (Spoiler alert: microfiber is your friend.)

Smartphones & Tablets

Most of the time, we treat out smartphones like another appendage. Whether it’s scrolling, texting, talking, posting, gaming, or emailing, we’re on our phones all day long. And unlike most other electronics, our phones go everywhere with us. But after being placed on various tables, seats, counter tops, and wherever else throughout the day (i.e., bathrooms), we continuously touch our phones and put them to our faces without blinking an eye. Eliminate the day-to-day germs by consistently cleaning your devices. Clean the screens by lightly spraying a microfiber cloth with a diluted alcohol solution, using a swab for the nooks and crannies. For the cases, remove from the device and use a disinfecting wipe.


It’s important to be extra careful with your monitor, as they’re extremely delicate and the anti-glare property is easy to damage. To clean your monitor safely, you’ll want only a microfiber cloth and a bit of warm water. First, be sure to unplug your device. Next, use your microfiber cloth to gently wipe down and dust your scree, making sure the cloth is free from any and all debris, and that you’re not pushing too hard. If the cloth alone is not sufficiently cleaning, spray a bit of warm water onto the cloth and gently remove and grime from the screen, again, being careful not to press too hard. Be sure to never spray any liquid directly onto your monitor and allow your monitor to completely dry from the cloth before plugging it back in.

Keyboards & Muse

Your keyboard is also a device that gets a whole lot of direct touching but not nearly enough cleaning. To clean your keyboard, start by turning it off and disconnecting it from your computer (this is both for safety purposes and so that you don’t send an accidental memo of gibberish). Turn the keyboard upside down and give it a couple good shakes to release any crumbs. Using a can of compressed air, spray your keyboard to release any dust, crumbs, and particles. If you want to disinfect your keyboard, wipe it down with a damp disinfecting wipe, that has been wrung out and id free of any excess liquid. Next, grab your handy-dandy microfiber cloth and wipe all of the keys and keyboard to dry. Follow the last two steps with your mouse as well.


5 Tips to Keep Your Restroom in Tip-Top Shape


Nothing says attention to detail like a clean restroom. The JaniTek team takes pride in making sure your organization makes the best impression possible. Here are 5 tips from our staff that will keep your restroom in tip-top shape!

Tip #1: Keep it Stocked!

This is the easiest step to a spotless restroom, yet is often overlooked. The last thing you want is a client staring at an empty toilet paper dispenser. Making sure that your company restroom is always stocked with paper towels and bath tissues will give it an extra edge over its competition. If you aren’t already part of our restroom restocking program, please give your JaniTek rep a call.

Tip #2: Have a Daily Cleaning Procedure

This means visually assessing the appearance of the restroom on an hourly or daily basis. Frequency is based on your facility’s foot traffic. Whether you pick up some debris from the floor, empty the trashcan, or stock the toilet paper dispensers, the overall cleanliness of your bathroom will increase. Doing these simple steps help upkeep your restroom throughout the day. After all, would you want your customer to be left without soap or toilet paper? For high traffic areas, we suggest using a JaniTek Day Porter.

Tip #3: Have a Weekly Cleaning Procedure

This routine is a bit more extensive than your daily cleaning procedure. If you’re a JaniTek weekly client, you don’t have to worry about this part. If not, you should focus on cleaning the interior of the toilet with a toilet bowl cleaner of your choice. Additionally, it is important to wipe down the surface of the toilet, as well as any other exterior surfaces-don’t forget to wear your gloves! Checking oneself out in the mirror is a common activity taken place in restrooms, so make sure to clean any glass surfaces to remove fingerprints and marks.

Tip #4: Make it Smell Nice!

Lets be honest, restrooms are not the most pleasant place to spend your time, especially when you are surrounded by a mysterious odor. Keeping your restroom smelling fresh can encourage your customer to have a more enjoyable experience in your office. Air fresheners are not only cheap, but you can also personalize the fragrance of your restroom with the hundreds of scents available. What are you waiting for? Go make your restroom smell like heaven!

Tip #5: Have the Necessary Supplies

Acquiring the cleanest restroom around is something we all aspire to achieve. However, in order to have a sanitary restroom you must obtain the correct cleaning supplies. Necessary supplies includes: hand gloves, disinfecting sprays and wipes, restroom surface cleaners, glass cleaners, drain maintenance chemicals, as well as a mop and broom. Additionally, making sure to use green supplies will not only keep your company from harming the environment, but your customers will appreciate it as well. JaniTek, a Green Seal Certified cleaning company, uses Green Seal products to provide environmentally sustainable janitorial service.

These tips are great but let’s be honest, sometimes you do not have time in your busy schedule to attend to your restroom’s demands. No need to add another task to your daily agenda, JaniTek will do the work for you! JaniTek offers the utmost professional and efficient janitorial services for all your cleaning needs.

If you are interested in updating your cleaning schedule or purchasing the supplies to maintain a clean, fully stocked restroom contact JaniTek today at (888) 833-7705.

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