Cleaning the Central Valley and Central Coast areas of California.
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Cleaning the Central Valley and Central Coast areas of California.
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Education and School Facilities

A Certified Green Cleaning Company with Education Expertise? JaniTek Passes the Test!

Schools are four times as densely occupied as commercial office spaces. Some over-crowded schools have adopted split sessions, after school programs, and summer school sessions. Other school buildings and grounds have become “centers of community” and are used for evening and weekend programs. The bottom line: schools have more users for more hours than ever before.

Industrial strength cleaning products and room deodorizers can add an extra issue for schools. These products can be risky to use around students and faculty. While schools should be cleaned more frequently and more effectively, the cleaning itself should not contribute to the problem. Another unique consideration for schools (and the most important) is security. Knowing who is on-site is just as important as the school leaning itself.

JaniTek’s trained staff of professionals reduces these obstacles by providing expertise and experience. Whether you need efficient school cleaning services at night or day, our friendly professionals will provide your school with efficient, detailed, and tailored services.

Secured Services

In regards to security, each JaniTek Janitors goes through a comprehensive background check, drug testing, social security verification, and personality test. We utilize over 1000 background databases, including county and federal criminal records to ensure we are hiring the most trustworthy employees.

Certified Green Cleaning

In addition, JaniTek Cleaning Solutions is the only Green Seal-certified commercial cleaning provider in the Central Valley.
Almost all janitorial service providers say they use environmentally friendly or “green” cleaning products, but for you and your students, is that enough? At JaniTek, the process of cleaning is just as important as the use of green products. That’s why we’re proud to say we are Green Seal 42-certified. The Green Seal 42 certification not only looks at the use of green products, but also equipment, procedures, and training. Whether it be microfiber technology, low moisture systems, or low decibel vacuums, Janitek is constantly looking at ways to improve the health and safety of your students and staff.